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Writers Guidelines

Traveling Tales features are first-person stories about destinations and tourism attractions. Places and attractions that people go to for vacations and getaways.

Previously published stories are welcome. We welcome pieces which have yet to be published. Contributors retain copyright of their text and photos.

We look for stories that are destination-oriented. Places that people go for a long weekend or a holiday. We look for first person accounts of the writers' travel to that destination, or cruise. It's not about just telling us about information that is available at any travel agent or as seen in travel brochures. We're looking for tales that bring places into vivid focus, narratives that is alive with characters, descriptive passages and anecdotes. It's about what made your trip memorable.

So send us your personal story about your visit. If you use the term "we" in your story, tell our readers who the "we" are. Merely a mention is sufficient to let the reader know who you're with. (a friend, spouse, partner, group, or?)

We accept original stories, but we also accept reprints that have run elsewhere in any media. Or have been submitted to other editors without response. Simultaneous submissions are OK with us.

Word counts: Counts are strictly adhered to, and should be anywhere from between 900 to 1200 words with at least four photos. In rare instances we will accept a longer story (maximum 2,000 words) if it rivets attention and maintains a tight pace. "Word count" is the basic story text. Extra, but not considered as story word-count, is the headline, by-line, mini-bio, and sidebar information ("How To Get There"..."If You Go" etc). We prefer stories to be sent as MS Word attachments (Font - Times New Roman-12 pt). Stories should be single spaced. Don't include photos within your MS Word document. Send them separate from the story as attached jpgs. Stories can also be copied and pasted directly into your e-mail message (technically called embedding) with your photos sent as .jpg attachments.

Photos: Digital photos preferred - 640 x 480 pixels. Conventional photos OK, if scanned at about 6 inches wide screen size and 200 dpi. Photos should come with captions and photo credits and should not infringe on any restriction or copyright owned by another agency or person.

Please send photos that "set the scene". Overviews, streetscapes, beaches, National or State parks, viewpoints, theme parks, etc. the "large picture" so to speak. Then add the items of interest that are mentioned in the story. The houses or buildings, the statues, people, groups, dances, festivals, beach life, city life, your activities (inside or out), etc. What we don't want is, say, a Caribbean story, with nothing but close-ups of flowers, birds etc, as the main, or only, photo theme.

If its an adventure piece, a safari, or a country famous for its wildlife, show its wildlife, but also show the terrain, vehicles, the huts, accommodations, tribal life, etc. Let your photos augment your text so that your photos illustrate all of your story. We only accept soft adventure, that can be experienced by those fit enough for hikes,(flat or mountain), trail riding, kayaking, rafting, etc.

Response Time: We respond within 2 weeks.

Remuneration: At this time, we aren't able to pay for articles or photographs that will be published on the Travelling Tales website. We are, however, happy to include your bio and a link from our site to your personal website with a reciprocal link back to our Travelling Tales website.

We also encourage you to post links to your story as featured on our Travelling Tales site, via Facebook, Twitter and any other social or travel related network to which you subscribe. The wider the readership, the better!

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact:

Margaret Deefholts

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